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Content in 2014

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Adrian Archer

A major shift is happening when it comes to marketing as the internet has revolutionised how marketers promote their products and services. A new paradigm is taking off where marketing becomes more about attraction than interruption. In 2014, content is what will makes it possible.

Content will have its own role/department

Content is the bedrock of all your marketing activities. No matter what medium you are using to market your company, it is content that communicates your brand’s marketing message to your targeting audience. Developing the right content for that audience will become an essential marketing function.

Costs will be based on action

Marketing costs will become focused on what action is taken by viewers. Online advertising costs are becoming based more on impressions, clicks, likes and views rather than advertising based on blind faith. Cost of content marketing is being based on how many people use your marketing communications.

Mobile and tablets will be more prominent

Marketing shifts to where the people are. With tablets and smart phones becoming increasingly important to our daily lives, marketing will focus more on content that is compatibility on multiple devices.

Brands will streamline to single platforms.

With so many channels available, businesses will seek out cost effective platforms. All marketing activity online and offline requires a central location from which all advertising converges. By opting for website or content platforms (such as they can centralise their marketing efforts as to improve how visitors engage and take action.

2014 will see the awakening of content marketing as a true function as it becomes the fuel for all marketing activities. Content in an organisation will be bound to strategies, administration, structures and management. The creation and distribution aspects will also be connected to this function, allowing for a more cohesive marketing message on all channels.

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