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Farewell nanny state

Article By:
Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando

Gay rights were a subject relegated to the occasional talk show till a few years ago.  It is so refreshing to see that the Civil Unions Bill to be discussed in Parliament in the coming days will give gay couples practically all the rights enjoyed by married couples.  I would have gone one further and given them all the rights but we’re definitely moving in the right direction at last.

The divorce referendum result was a wake-up call for the Maltese political class. Many local parliamentarians realised that they were not in tune with the rest of society. The local Catholic Church hierarchy were also faced with the stark reality of no longer being able to impress the vast majority of us with the fire and brimstone sermons of the past. In this respect I sincerely believe that the local Curia should take a couple of leaves out of the book being written by Pope Francis. Such a breath of fresh air in an institution that was rapidly becoming fossilized!

Our representatives now appreciate that they are there to support and not to impose. Many of those who tried to force their moral values down our throats have been relegated to history.

I am proud to have been the first Maltese politician to speak out in favour of gay marriage and, yes, gay adoption. Homophobia is a despicable result of repressed sexual tendencies or pseudo piety.  I am glad that we have moved on from the days when I was subjected to a virulent online attack for daring to stand up to be counted and refusing to accept the unjust status quo.

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