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A safe and sound future…or not?

Article By:
Ingrid Brownrigg

The PN in government is the best guarantee for a secure and safe future for you, your family and your dearly loved children. Facts speak for themselves. It is the best party who provides you continuity and factually, you know where you stand. The PN means unity within diversity as the slogan revealed for this electoral campaign clearly illustrates. It displays the colours of the rainbow, meaning an inclusive society, which finally implies that we can all work together.

The PN is the party that rightly believes in the vulnerable people and it is ready to continue giving them a helping hand. In order to have a safe and sound future, the PN is building its electoral campaign on three main platforms; Jobs, Health and Education, also because it has a track record in each of these platforms.

At present, Malta has the highest number of full time employment. During the last five years, 20,000 jobs were created. At the same time, in neighbourhood countries unemployment was on the increase.  Malta and Germany were the solitary EU countries where employment rates increased. For the next five years, the PN, if trusted in government, would like to further increase the employments rates thanks to your involvement, energy and confidence in our economy.

Health is the second pillar of the PN electoral slogan. It is everyone’s priority that we would have the best health services offered in Malta for free. For this reason, the PN in government invested heavily in infrastructure, equipment and human resources. The results are written black on white. This means that more than 44,000 operations have been carried out at Mater Dei, more than 11,000 operations than those carried out in the last year of St. Luke’s Hospital.

Education is the third column of support for this campaign. Without education, innovation and creativity cannot be achieved and thus no jobs can be created. Facts are also in hand even in this sector. Today, more than 83% of the school leavers are now opting to continue their studies at post-secondary and tertiary schools. MCAST has given a lot of opportunities to youths and University has added another 208 courses, resulting in a total of 703 different courses available. For the next five years, the PN is to continue investing in this sector in order to maximise your abilities, for you and your family.

In between the Jobs, Health and Education columns, the slogan is representing two stars, representing those within the EU flag. EU is what the PN has always believed in and worked hard to see our country member in this Union and enjoying its benefits. The PN, if trusted in government, would construct a safe and sound future for you, based on Jobs, Health and Education pillars, together with the European Union. Similarly to the past five years, the PN in government would cooperate with the EU directives to achieve its’ objectives, whilst doing the best efforts in attaining the best EU funds available.

MLP energy proposals - short of documents
In an hour and a half of press conference last Tuesday, the Malta Labour Party explained it’s much awaited proposals. It was the same MLP which raised everyone’s expectations because it was the same party which deprived the people of its own proposals during the last legislature, promising to reveal them just before the election. The MLP was only capable of creating destructive criticism and created a national outcry short of valid and feasible proposals for this international problem.

The proposals or better the presentation presented by the MLP is at face value charming and very popular. More questions than answers have been originated and the labour party was not proficient enough to make public everything black on white. The labour party’s plans for lowering the electricity tariffs have turned out to be a dangerous mess that will cost Malta, and its people, a great deal.

For the labour party to be credible, it needs to be present his cards on the table. It needs to publish who the consultants were; all the proposals the labour party received from any company and private contractors; the meeting dates held with other companies and private contractors and who they are; the negotiation details in which Joseph Muscat referred to them as not a done deal; and any donations received from any companies or individuals towards any party candidate or the party itself.

The Labour Party has not backed up its proposals with an in-depth study, but with a shallow presentation that leaves more questions than answers. This is an insult to those who are being asked to make decisions on that basis.

Ultimately, Labour's proposals will either increase the price of your electricity or will result in higher taxes for you to make up for the financial fallout. Labour won't work.

It’s entirely in your hands to have a safe and sound future with your choice, just on the March 9.

Ingrid Brownrigg is a PN Candidate on the 3rd District and can be reached on:

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