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Attrans Expand their fleet

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Since 1976 and under the guidance of its founder Philip Attard, Attrans has established itself as the leading transport company on the island. Now, in its second generation and under the control of Philip Attard Jnr. Attrans prides itself to be in a position which offers a wide range of services, to our various types of clients. Providing logistical solutions to and from any European and North African destination.

The company is based on 25,000 square metres in Zebbug, Malta, that house our offices, workshops, parking and warehousing facilities. In addition to that, we have subsidiaries in Italy (Attrans Italia), and two in the Netherlands (Attrans BV and Attrans North Africa). All fully equipped with administration offices, workshops, parking and warehousing facilities. 

The fleet of Attrans Ltd is currently made up of uniquely Volvo tractor units and over 250 trailers. Attrans’ fleet comprises of many different types of vehicles for the differing types of services we offer. It is currently increasing by around 30 vehicles per year. Attrans believes that the continuous investment in our fleet has placed us one step ahead of our competitors, providing Attrans with the best possible transport solutions which unfailingly meets our clients’ requirements. It is for such a reason that Attrans believed it was time once again to further update and expand its fleet.

The truck we chose is the new Volvo euro 6 truck, which boats an engine of 750 HP and 3550 Nm of torque, stamping its dominance as the world’s most powerful series truck in the world. Although the new engine offers higher torque, a more powerful engine brake, and quieter operation, there is no increase in emission or effects on fuel efficiency.

The trucks and trailers will be strategically placed at our depots throughout Malta, Europe and Tunisia in order to serve customers efficiently and effectively 7days a week, 365 days a year.  This new fleet will mean that Attrans can continue to consistently provide the highest quality service to our customers. Attrans have recently acquired a total of 16 Volvo FH16 euro 6 trucks, and are eagerly awaiting their arrival.

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