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BOV lottery winners announced

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Twenty BOV cardholders have each been awarded €375 worth of prepaid cards after they were drawn as winners in the BOV Christmas Campaign cards lottery.

The lottery was drawn from among BOV cardholders and Mobile Pay users who paid with either a BOV card or mobile pay during December 2012 and January.

Congratulating the winners, BOV Executive Head Cards Business John Pace explained that the bank always looks to add value to the client’s transactions and enhance their overall experience. The lottery sought to encourage clients to use more of the Bank’s services while rewarding their continuous loyalty.  

Available in four denominations - €50, €75, €100 and €150, the BOV MasterCard Prepaid Cards are payment cards that are pre-loaded with a fixed sum of money. Upon using a prepaid card, the money is deducted from the amount originally loaded onto the card, unlike a debit card or a credit card where the money is taken from a bank account or a line of credit.

Prepaid cards provide versatility and convenience while shopping over the Internet, settling bills online and paying for goods and services worldwide. They can also be used as a travel card.

Cardholders can check their card balance by inserting the BOV MasterCard Prepaid Card into any BOV ATM and the card balance will be displayed on screen. The card holder can also call BOVs Customer Services Centre on 21 234 821 and quote the card number to check the card balance.

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