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Chev. Maurice F. Mizzi Reappointed President of Mizzi Organisation

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The Board of Directors of Mizzi Organisation have announced the reappointment of Chev. Maurice F. Mizzi as President of Mizzi Organisation for another term. Chev  Mizzi, is the last surviving son of the founder of Mizzi Organisation Spiro Mizzi. 

Chev Mizzi has played a crucial role in the family business over the past 58 years, helping Mizzi Organisation evolve and shape into the successful, family conglomerate it is today. Fresh out of the University of Malta, Chev Mizzi immediately joined his father’s business in 1957 and was made responsible for the setting up and development of Mizzi Ltd.(now Zanussi Centre).  Over the past 4 decades he has also been responsible for and to this day remains CEO for both Continental Cars Ltd, handling renowned automotive brands such as Volkswagen, SEAT, Audi and Porsche, as well as for Titan International Ltd – the engineering arm of Mizzi Organisation, the leaders in air conditioner and lift importation and installation.

Chev. Mizzi has had a full career over the years with involvement not only in the family organization but also  in a number of government related entities. He was made Chairman of the then parastatal company - Mediterranean Film Studios, as well as Chairman of the Malta Development Corporation in 1997/2000.  He served also as director of Maltacom plc (now GO plc) board from 1997 until 2002 and also held the position of Chairman of the European Arab Chamber of Commerce during 2002-2003.

Currently, apart from his primary role as President of Mizzi Organisation, Chev Mizzi is Chairman of Ozone Ltd,   President of the Maltese-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, President of the Association of New Car Importers, Consul General of Iceland, and last year has been made  a member of the Board of the Council of the University of Malta.

Being one of the largest, very successful privately owned organisations in Malta, Mizzi Organisation is a leader in a diversity of sectors which include automotive sales and service, beverage production, distribution and importation, retail, tourism, real estate, schools as well as mechanical and electrical contracting. Furthermore, during the past few years Mizzi Organisation has formed part in various Consortia from a yacht repair centre and a yacht marina as well as a lottery company. Mizzi Organisation is committed to its customers, employees and Malta’s development and continues to build on its core strengths and expand its business portofolio. Mizzi Organisation has 1200 employees and will be celebrating 100 years in business during 2018.

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