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Google Glass on sale in the US for $1,500 and one day only

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Google will open up its Glass “Explorer Program” for one day only to allow US residents to buy the smartglasses before general release.

A limited, but unspecified, number of the Google smartglasses will cost $1,500 plus sales tax and be available for 24 hours via online ordering on a first-come, first-served basis from 6am PDT (2pm UK time) for adults who live in the US.

But Google is giving no indication of when, or whether, availability will be extended to other countries other than stating that it wants as many different demographics to test and give input into the development of Glass as is possible.

The latest edition of Glass will come with spectacle-style frames, rather than the Star Trek-like single band across the face. Google Glass is a voice-controlled set of smartglasses that uses a prism placed above the right eye to create a virtual display just out of eyeline.

Glass is capable of displaying contextual information based on the wearer's location, time of day and links to Google's services through an Android smartphone. It is also equipped with a camera that will record video and capture photos on command.

The move marks the first time Google will make Glass available for general sale, even if in limited numbers. Previous purchasers had to have been referred by friends with Glass, participated in smaller, group-based campaigns including university groups, or applied for a set of the smartglasses as a developer.

Google recently announced that Italian Ray-Ban and Oakley sunglass manufacturer Luxottica was partnering with the search giant to design and create new frame styles for Glass to make them look more stylish.

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