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GreenPak hits the ground running for Swieqi

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GreenPak Cooperative Society Limited came to the rescue of the community in Swieqi after the Local Council’s unanimous decision to join Malta’s largest recycling scheme prompted the previous service provider to abandon the residents and not provide the waste collection service to Swieqi households.

Swieqi Local Council had held a voting process whereby GreenPak won unanimous approval. Following the development, GreenPak immediately began extending its services and expertise to Swieqi ensuring that residents start enjoying the benefits of accessible and conscious recycling in no time.

GreenPak was formed in 2004 and since 2010 it has been operating as a cooperative society. . GreenPak’s non-profit outlook and a rigorous compliance scheme continue to resonate with the island’s population. The decision by Swieqi to transfer its waste collection and recycling services to GreenPak further adds to the rapidly expanding network of GreenPak with coverage now nearing 70% across the Maltese Islands.

GreenPak Coop CEO Ing Mario Schembri said: “By joining GreenPak, more than 10,000 Swieqi residents have reaffirmed their commitment to recycling waste and minimising their environmental footprint. GreenPak’s experience to provide recycling opportunities in a responsible manner will now make it practical for residents and businesses at Swieqi to come forward and play their part in making Malta a more environmentally conscious society.”

GreenPak Coop Society is a MEPA authorised scheme and is a founding member of EXPRA, the European organisation promoting producer responsibility schemes internationally. GreenPak is also backed by PROEurope, an umbrella organisation of 35 national producer responsibility systems engaged in the selective collection and recycling of packaging waste.

For further enquiries regarding the new collection schemes, bring-in-sites and other information of interest to Swieqi residents, one can contact the Swieqi Local Council on 2137 3939 or, or GreenPak Malta on 2166 0233 or

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