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Cadets making use of the Ship Simulator

Grimaldi Group donate €20,000

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Grimaldi Group donate €20,000 for the upgrade of the Bridge and Communications Simulator and present MCAST students with €10,000 cash prizes
On Wednesday 14 May Grimaldi Group and its local company Malta Motorways of the Sea Ltd presented MCAST with a donation of €20,000 to upgrade the Bridge and Communication Simulator and another €10,000 cash prizes to three Maritime Institute cadets who distinguished themselves with outstanding results during their studies. 
The Bridge and Communications Simulator is an essential part of Maritime Training especially as MCAST offers training opportunities that will lead to employment within a European and International context. Simulation training is also an International Maritime Organisation (IMO) requirement for the acquisition of international maritime certifications. Simulation exercises offer a safe learning opportunity to become proficient in bridge and communication control situations before moving on to consolidate their experience with actual navigation at sea.

This simulator upgrade is essential due to the rapid developments taking place within the Maritime Industry. An updated simulator provides hands-on training opportunities for the mariner to further his or her studies with the latest technology and equipment. Earlier in March 2007 Malta Motorways of the Sea Ltd donated € 130,000 to upgrade the Institute’s Bridge and Communications Simulator. 

The Grimaldi Award is a prestigious prize presented to the MCAST Maritime Institute cadets who distinguish themselves with outstanding results during their studies. Kenneth Grima, Aris Giorgio Papanicolos and Philip Andrew Muscat received the award for obtaining the best results during their studies and sea training as part of the three-year Officer in Charge Navigational Watch Course, which they successfully completed last year. Students who join this course spend two academic years studying at the Institute and 12 months training as cadets on board different ships, travelling across international sea routes and visiting many ports across the globe. The award, including a total of €10,000 in cash prizes, is sponsored by Grimaldi Group and its local company Malta Motorways of the Sea Ltd, as part of a long-established collaboration with the MCAST Maritime Institute.

Maltese cadets are also offered opportunities to undertake their sea time training on board vessels sailing under the flag of Malta Motorways of the Sea and other companies of the Grimaldi Group.

Hon Joe Mizzi, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure and Hon. Chris Agius Parliamentary Secretary for Research, Innovation, Youth and Sports, Dr Guido Grimaldi,  Director of Malta Motorways of the Sea Ltd, Dr Silvio De Bono, President of the MCAST Board of Governors, Stephen Cachia, MCAST Principal and CEO and Capt. Ghassan Abdullah, the Institute’s Director presented the awards to the three young officers on Wednesday 14 May at the Maritime Institute in Kalkara.
Dr Guido Grimaldi, Director Grimaldi Group, mentioned that they are very satisfied with the cadets that they have recruited from MCAST and are fully committed to further support maritime studies and the career development of the students. Dr Silvio Debono, President of the MCAST Board of Governors thanked Grimaldi Group for their donation and congratulated the three officers on their exceptional achievements.  He mentioned the importance of the College’s close contact with industry in order to keep the College courses updated and the students adequately prepared for employment.
Chris Agius, Parliamentary Secretary for Research, Innovation, Youth and Sports stated “This initiative is important to help students further their studies and eventually specialise in diverse areas thus increasing our country’s educational pool. The government is committed to help all students who aim to specialise in key areas.  However funding is limited and it is thanks to private companies such as Grimaldi Lines we are achieving our aims”.

Joe Mizzi, Minister for Transport and Infrastructure thanked Grimaldi Group for their continued support to the Maltese shipping industry. He mentioned the recent developments in the Maritime sector that are making Malta a centre of excellence in maritime services. He mentioned that this initiative with Grimaldi Group, to support the training of Maltese cadets, is a key milestones that Government will continue to nurture.

The MCAST Maritime Institute is renowned as Malta’s most advanced maritime education and training institution, supporting the local maritime industry with the provision of qualified and experienced seafarers. It offers courses that lead to local and international qualifications required by individuals aspiring for a career in this industry, as well as for maritime enthusiasts, including owners and drivers of all kinds of boats and pleasure crafts.

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