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High Activity in the Equity Market

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The last trading session of the week saw high activity in the MSE’s equity market with over 367,000 shares exchanging hands across a total of 54 trades in 14 of the listed companies.

HSBC shares edged higher by 0.74% to €2.74 with just over 29,000 shares being traded across five deals, while BOV gained 0.88% as over 75,000 shares were negotiated across 19 trades to close at €2.28 .

Lombard and GO each closed the session one cent higher at €1.89 and €1.38 respectively, while IHI edged slightly higher by 0.14% to €0.74,1.

Losses were registered in the other active equites with  6pm Holdings losing the most ground, shedding 6.45% to GBP0.29.  Grand Harbour Marina shares declined by 1.05% to €1.88 while MIA eased 0.67% lower to €1.77,6.

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