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Knowledge and ICT Fest 2014

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Under the Patronage and Auspices of the Minister of Education

MBR Publications Ltd, together with the collaboration of SmartCitY Malta and Ray Abela, spokesperson and Partner (TCTC), is organising the first Knowledge & ICT Fest between 20-24 October 2014 at SmartCity Malta under the auspices and patronage of the Minister of Education. ‘Knowledge & ICT Week’ is a culmination of ICT tools and local knowledge sharing of experiences in local development of Maltese society. Various ICT, HR & Recruitment companies, booksellers, training and vocational colleges, including institutional representatives, senior government officials, policy makers, IT experts, civil society actors and diplomats to combine with Maltese and foreign students, graduates and higher educational  to express solidarity and commitment to reduce digital gap.

This first edition of the Knowledge & ICT Fest will focus on ICTs in use in the local community, health and Knowledge Management. We are planning to hold workshops and seminars on the thematic issues including diverse competition, knowledge sharing and cultural events, culminating with a Gala Evening Awards Ceremony Dinner.

We are writing to you to request your firm presence for this prestigious and largest event in Malta this year. This event is guaranteed to generate revenues to all exhibitors taking part and they will also have live interviews broadcasts, including interviews on local newspapers, business publications and in all advertising and media related PR specifically designed and conceived for this unique event.

You are welcome to become accredited to resgister for event seminars, lectures, conferences, workshops, shows and other entertianment taking place during the Knowledge & ICT Week. Journalists, photographers and camera operators interested in covering those events and carry out interviews or following seminars, conferences and speeches should notify our event accredatation team no later than 15thSeptember, 2014.

There will be horse riding shows, historical re-anactments, fire jugglers, RE/MAX hot air balloon, jet ski show, fac-painting, drama and TeatruSmart. All those wishing to participate are encouraged to contact the organisers.

The accreditation is only available via email or by mobile on 9926 0162. Please make sure to specify exactly which event(s)/days you would like to cover.

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