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Piccinino Triumph's at Bay Street

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After the success of the Triumph shop in Republic Street, Valletta, J. Piccinino have launched their second franchise Triumph outlet on Level 2 at the Bay Street Complex in St George’s Bay.

Triumph Shapewear is famous all over the world for fit and comfort, innovative fabrics and design. Triumph also have a vast range of lingerie, bridal wear, new fabric technology, loungewear, nightwear, swimwear and anything today's women might need.

“With the help of Bay Street’s highly client-oriented management we can now offer the Maltese and all female tourists the best and fullest range of lingerie and swimwear available on the market,” a spokesman for J. Piccinino said.

“We have very high expectations for this outlet since we strongly believe that the Bay Street Complex attracts people of all ages and also a very high amount of tourists.

“From the very start when we were still setting up the shop we already had people coming and showing a very positive attitude when they heard that J. Piccinino will become part of the Bay Street Complex.”

For more information go to the Bay Street Facebook page

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