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Significant gains in Plaza Centres share price

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Plaza Centres registered significant gains during Friday’s session as the equity added 11.11% to its value on a single deal of 130 shares to reach a 23-week high of €0.60.

Santumas Shareholdings had a positive session with the share price advancing by 5.88% on a negligible turnover of 20 shares to hit a 12-week high of €1.80.

6pm recovered all of the previous session’s losses, up 3.33% across three deals to close at £0.30.

RS2 registered an increase of 2.07% with just one single trade being struck in the equity to record a multi-year high of €0.74.

Crimsonwing continued to trade at its multi-year high of €0.49 with two deals being executed for a total value of €7,350.

GO continued with its positive trend as the equity gained a further 0.28% to close at €1.18.

Malta International Airport share price edged up 0.28% on a single deal to close at the €1.80 level.

HSBC Bank closed the last session of the week unchanged at €2.70 whilst Bank of Valletta inched 0.79% higher to close at €2.41,9.

MIDI, Lombard Bank and Middlesea Insurance also registered activity during Friday’s session with all the equities closing unchanged.

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