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Vodafone contributes towards ALIVE 2014 Cycling Challenge

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Vodafone Malta Foundation supported the ALIVE 2014 Cycling Challenge with their endeavour of cycling over 1,000km from Prague to Budapest. A group of 45 participants cycled the endless kilometers over 7 days and managed to raise much needed awareness while collecting funds for the Research, Innovation and Development Trust dedicated to breast cancer research.

“There is always a first to everything and we are delighted that we are supporting the ALIVE 2014 Cycling Challenge for the first time,” said Roberta Pace, Administrator at Vodafone Malta Foundation. “Helping out the Foundation makes us proud, and knowing that the challenge will bring individuals together, both those who chose to dedicate their time, their energy and commitment to helping those who are in need and those who contribute generously makes the contribution more worthwhile.”

The cyclists left Malta on the 9th July for Prague and cycled through Bratislavia, Vienna and Belgrade and finished off the long ride on the 18th July in Budapest. Upon their return, Jonathan Scicluna, from Vodafone Malta said, “This was a personal challenge of sport, fitness and endurance spurred by a commitment to make a modest contribution towards easing some of the difficulties cancer patients go through. All the cyclists, including myself believe strongly in the sterling work being undertaken by the Foundation and with the help of sponsors such as the Vodafone Malta Foundation we worked hard to make this challenge one of courage, support and hope.” 

ALIVE Charity Foundation, a non-profit organisation funded by volunteer donations and contributions has the main aim of raising the status of health awareness and scientific research. ALIVE constantly organise philanthropic activities in order to collect donations for their projects. They also conduct activities aimed at increasing awareness in health related areas such as breast and prostrate screening and healthy eating.

ALIVE thanked the Vodafone Malta Foundation for their generous support. Without these donations the event would not be possible. Donations can be made by logging on to Donations can also be sent by SMS on 50617364 (€2.33); 5061 8081 (€4.66); 5061 8913 (€6.99); and 5061 9208 (€11.65), or via bank transfer: Account No - BOV 4002149804-6 Alive Charity Foundation - Bank's Bic – VALLMTMT - IBAN- MT85 VALL 2201 3000 0000 4002 1498 046.

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