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Vodafone employees donate €3600 to MCCF

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€3,600 were donated to the Malta Community Chest Fund by Vodafone Malta employees as part of the Employee Charity Scheme for this year. The cheque was presented by Vodafone CEO Balesh Sharma to Ms Margaret Abela during a visit to Vodafone’s offices at SkyParks Business Centre.

“Our commitment to the community underlies the core values and principles of Vodafone Malta and all our team members,” said Balesh Sharma. “Through our annual Employee Charity Contribution scheme our employees are helping different charities to continue with their sterling work in the Maltese community.”

“The Malta Community Chest Fund is one of the most loved charitable organisations on our islands and our donation shows the need for continuos support for their exceptional work carried out throughout the year,” Mr Sharma continued.

Meanwhile Ms Abela praised Vodafone for its donations nad held that to value and help people in need is a true value.. “Vodafone’s contribution will help us with our varius projects, providing funds for the relief of poverty, famine, sickness, disability and any other needs to individauls, communities, institutions or organisations alike,” she continued.

The Malta Community Chest Fund is one of three charities to whom Vodafone are donating money from the Employee Charity Scheme funds for this year and this is just a part of the total sum collected from employees through a monthly donation taken directly from their salary.

The Malta Community Chest Fund is a charitable institution chaired by The President of Malta to help philanthropic institutions and more importantly individuals with different needs. 


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