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GO HR Director, Michelle Bonnici, and GO Chief Commercial Officer, Markus Golder with President George Abela

GO pledges to support l-Istrina, presents €64,492 donations

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GO is pledging its support to  Malta’s dynamic fund raising campaign and presented the Malta Community Chest Fund with the sum of €64,492 that is GO’s revenue share from phone-in donations made via fixed lines and mobile during last year’s edition of L-Istrina. GO is one of L-Istrina’s long-standing partners and has for several years been actively involved in the worthy cause.

On grounds of its participation in this immensely popular activity, GO has an intrinsic role in the management of communications for the l-Istrina activity and offers its support by waiving all the charges associated with phone-in platform and the telecom infrastructure that supports this nationwide charity event. Last year, GO also waived associated labour costs.

GO is the official communications provider for the Malta Community Chest Fund and provides communication services for L-Istrina and other charity events in aid of L-Istrina held at Verdala Palace. In addition, GO gives its support by providing a wide range of communications and entertainment services free of charge throughout the year at the Malta Community Chest Fund (MCCF) premises, the Palace, Valletta and the l-Istrina Office housed at San Anton Palace, Attard.

Charles Mansueto, l-Istrina Project Manager at GO said: “We have supported l-Istrina, since its inception way back in 1996.  Today we do not only support the activity, but have teamed up with l-Istrina because we strongly believe that the initiative provides a much needed revenue source to local NGOs and charitable institutions. We are part of their on-going drive to improve the lives of persons in need locally. For this reason, GO is committed to providing an excellent state-of-the-art communications framework for this much awaited philanthropic event.”

GO will this year install the usual telephone setup that basically consists of a phone-in platform to receive calls over the Premium Number service.  This system, equipped with about 70 telephones, receives calls from the public and accepts donations on a real-time basis. Some other 60 lines will be used for the support and coordination of the activity.

The backbone infrastructure will consist mainly of fibre cables that were extended from Rabat all the way up to Verdala Palace last year. The fibre cables will support all the telecom services including hot lines, pledge lines, general lines with ‘hunting’ facility, SMS donation lines and mobile connections, as well as data connections for high-speed ADSL for use by l-Istrina. 

During the presentation of GO’s donation cheque to President George Abela, Markus Golder, Chief Commercial Officer at GO said: “This time of the year is very special for GO in that we take the chance to focus some of our efforts on meeting our important social responsibilities. Throughout the year GO supports a range of deserving events aimed at enhancing life standards for people in need. These events cover a wide spectrum of community experience with l-Istrina being by far the leading philantophic initiative we have invested in over the years.” 

GO will again waive charges as well as provide man-hours, communications infrastructure and various quad-play services throughout the event and once again join forces with other local companies and will be making a cash donation to l-Istrina in line with its social responsibilities.

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