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AD for animal rights

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The Alternattiva Demokratika (AD) is dedicated to protecting animal rights, AD Chairperson Michael Briguglio announced this morning.

Michael Briguglio said: “In parliament AD will be the voice of animal welfare and animal rights”. AD candidate Angele Deguara said that the enforcement of animal welfare legislation should be strengthened and harsher punishment should be meted out for crimes relating to animal cruelty, such as dog and cock fighting, animal abandonment or neglect.

The AD candidate explained that the authorities should not issue permits for circuses with performing animals, whilst cruelty related to other practices such as animal husbandry and keeping of exotic pets should be better addressed.

AD Spokesperson on Agriculture and Animal Welfare Simon Galea argued that “In agriculture, free range methods of animal husbandry should be encouraged through fiscal incentives”. He urged Malta to adhere to European Union regulations that protect animals from being reared in intensive farming whilst an effective system of monitoring should be ensured in both slaughterhouses and places that house livestock.

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