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Centre for Viticulture opened at Buskett

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Minister for Resources and Rural Affairs George Pullicino inaugurated the Buskett Centre for Research in Viticulture and Enology.

Minister Pullicino thanked all people who work in the sector, particularly the farmers who cultivate the grapes and stated that more knowledge on local wine is needed. The Government has investment more than €500,000 in an 85% co-financement with ProMed Italia/Malta and funds from the EU.

The project aims to encourage more youths to delve into this area of research and will act as a centre for scientific control to guarantee that products conform to rules and regulations. Research is the key to success in every sector and enterprise, farming not being an exception, concluded PN George Pullicino whilst pleading Maltese and Gozitan consumers to believe in local products.

PN candidate Philip Mifsud claimed that Maltese wine has a vast heritage and that thanks to regulations introduced by the EU, Malta has a local system of qualifications for D.O.K and I.G.T qualified wine. 

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