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Cheap energy is important - Tonio Fenech

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Minister for Finance, the Economy and Investment Tonio Fenech said that cheap electricity is important to the PN, but they want to implement it in a sustainable way.

The Minister also said that if the PL energy plan succeeds, he will not resign. This is contrary to PL Leader Joseph Muscat, who has placed his career in the hands of his gas conversion plan.

He was addressing a press conference organised by the Broadcasting Authority where he was asked questions by five journalists from different media organisations.

Referring to the PL’s energy plan, Minister Fenech said; “It is my responsibility to open people’s eyes,” explaining that Labour’s plans are dangerous and a burden. "The PL hasn’t published its in-depth studies on the dangers of this plan, all they have is a vox pop of what people have said".

He blamed S&P’s downgrade of Malta’s credit rating on the PL, stating that it was their fault for not passing the budget as there were other ways to show a lack of confidence in the government., "As you can see, the smallest incident can affect our financial situation," he said. The Minister admitted to knowing that the budget wasn't going to pass as the election was closing in. "The opposition had the responsibility to vote in favour to allow the Maltese people to reap its benefits," he said.

He spoke on a number of schemes that the PN have released in this legislature, amongst which were the removal of 25 taxes as well as allowing pensioners to keep their pension whilst working.

He emphasized that energy is just one of many important issues which will be discussed during the campaign, but urged people to listen carefully to the fact that many people and entities supporting the energy plan are saying that it is ‘ambitious’.

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