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FKNK: PL will restore our dignity

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The Federation for Hunting and Conservation Malta (FKNK) is convinced that the Labour movement will restore hunters and trappers and their respective families’ dignity and respect, besides their national Maltese and Gozitan and European citizen rights. 

On behalf of its 10,000 adult members, the FKNK congratulated Prime Minister Joseph Muscat for the Party’s “historical Malta General Elections victory”.  

The FKNK is set to carry on with the work that it had ongoing with the Labour Party,, which led to the issuing of the Labour Party, FKNK joint media release of March 4.  “Thus the Maltese Government with FKNK’s aid is ready to correctly apply derogation from the “Birds” Directive to permit a limited and controlled hunting and trapping open season for the turtle dove and the quail this April”.


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