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Gonzi: I will never let Malta be humiliated

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Christian Mangion

A shower of colorful balloons kicked off the PN's electoral campaign with General Secretary Paul Borg Olivier stating that the party's electoral campaign is not based on gimmicks but on a slogan that mirrors the past five years which won over a number of consecutive challenges that ranged from the global economic crisis to internal issues and issues created by the Opposition.

Dr Borg Olivier continued that the Nationalst Party has much more to offer to the country, and the party will continue to build on the foundations set in the past years. "Joseph Muscat is hiding the photos he has with Spanish Premier Zapatero and the French Premier Hollande, who respectively brought Spain to its knees after the implimentation of wrong policies and introduced a myriad of taxes in France after going to power with the promise of change," the PN General Secretary said

Borg Olivier urged the PN followers to be the party's living billboards and give witness to the projects that PN has created in Malta. He continued by saying that everyone should exercise their right to vote because if one has a right to be part of the decision as to who will lead the country.

The Party General Secretary concluded that it is ony PN that can continue to push the country forward and win over the challenges ahead.


A country with a set course - Simon Busuttil.

Deputy leader Simon Busuttil told those present at the PN rally at Pieta that the time has come where the country needs the people.

Five years are a long time. In five years a child grows into a youth, the Deputy Leader held and the voters have to make a mature decision as to who they will trust the future of the generations ahead, the country's economy and the education of their children. "The option is simple and clear as only the Nationalist Party can guarantee a stable future," Dr Busuttil held.

We are giving back to the people a country which has won hard challenges and faired better that countries that were always looked upon as being better than Malta, the Deputy Leader said, "although we were not perfect and mistakes were made we are giving back a country with a set direction, and a planned course".

After five years on the opposition benches the PL kept their electoral manifesto a secret till the very start of the electoral campaign, Dr Busuttil held. "On the other hand, the Nationalist Party gives the country a guarantee for its future and will put forward an enthusiastic, motivational and creative manifesto that proves that the party is still capable of leading the country whilst keeping the course set as it is the only political party with a set vision."

The Deputy Leader stated that in order for the people to put their trust once more in the Nationalist Party, this has to be a campaign based on honest and truth.

"Whether you are a Nationalist or a voter, on March 9 the country needs you in order to secure its future, to guarantee a stable future.

I race to win - Gonzi 

The Nationalist Party is ready to face the electorate and will do so with its head held high because with the PN at the helm the country has achieved results that make the people proud, said party leader Lawrence Gonzi at the rally marking the launch of the party's electoral campaign

"It is with these results in mind that the party is sure of being more than capable of leading the country for a further five years, so let's go for it because I race to win and I want you with me all the way," Gonzi said.

The PN leader continued that if one follows international news, one realizes that whilst countries that we used to look upon as examples have crumbled when faced with the current realities whilst Malta has taken the challenges on board and created new jobs, a stronger economy and a planned future.

"In the next five years we will have a new Mediterranean. Three dictators, one of which Malta was close with have been toppled and when the time came Malta took its stand against him and sided with the side of democracy and freedom," Gonzi said.

Dr Gonzi appealed to all the voters, whatever background they embrace, to exercise their voting rights maturely as it is only the PN that has the success and future of the next generations at heart. "PN is not lost in gimmicks and glimmer, our party is only concerned with creating a stable future based on work, health and education," he held, continuing that the party will keep generating tourism to achieve more records and promoting the manufacturing industry while generating and safeguarding jobs.

Dr Gonzi held that investment is created because entrepreneurs have trust in the economy of a country as otherwise they will move shop to other countries. The PN leader showed his satisfaction and appreciation at the local business man who are the basis of the local economy.

In the past the people have succumbed to the PL gimmicks when they took the option of electing the Labour Party to government based n the promise of eliminating the VAT, only to introduce SISA and put the country's finances at stake that eventually led to the collapse of both the economy and the Labour Government, Dr Gonzi said.

That was a mistake which we managed to save, but the same mistake if done today will lead our country to join neighboring Spain, Greece and Cyprus and their policies of austerity and humiliation when they had to reduce the pensions, stop stipends, introduce health fees and stop a number of social services, Lawrence Gonzi said. "I give you my word that I will never allow our country to be humiliated like that," the PN leader promised.

The world has changed, and whilst one was never in a position to take unnecessary risks for one's country, the reality of today is that millions are loosing their jobs, families have been evicted and banks ran into the ground and the Maltese can only have a stable future by trusting the country's reins in the hands of the Nationalist Party.

Another pillar of the party's electoral campaign is health. This is not only restricted to hospitalization and medicine but also embraces the aspect of the environment and open spaces which were on the forefront of the projects launched by a PN led government.

The final pillar is education. "Foreign state leaders ask how a country without natural resources can achieve so much, and the answer is simple - this country was led by a party that believed and invested in education," the PN leader said, continuing that within five minutes of gaining power the labour party had turned the stipends structure into a rolling debt for the students. PL closed Polytechnic whilst PN opened MCAST, he said. He quoted ex education minister Evarist Bartolo in saying that the more something is said to have changed the less change actually takes place, " and it is the only time I fully agreed with Evarist," Gonzi said.

Pointing at the slogan 'Futur fis-Sod.Xoghol.Sahha.Edukazzjoi', Lawrence Gonzi explained that tasks not just a slogan but a reality that every ne can relate to. The multicolored flower adjacent to the slogan represents the diversity that the Nationalist Party is ready to listen to, embrace and adopt for a better future. "In the past we have witnessed various disagreements over issues such as IVF and Divorce, but this is proof of a healthy democracy open to different opinions, and the Nationalist Party will keep its doors open to diversity as long as it benefits the country," Gonzi held.

Dr Gonzi held that through this electoral campaign the PN will keep its feet firmly planted to the ground and will not take on board gimmicks and glimmer. "It was simple decency to at least wait for the President to dissolve Parliament before launching an electoral campaign, but the PL are in such a mad rush to gain power that they launched theirs at one minute past midnight. trust Labour with five minutes of power and you will see what will happen," Lawrence Gonzi said.

The PN leader concluded the first PN rally of this electoral campaign by saying the the Nationalist Party trusts the knowledge of the people that only the Nationalist Party can guarantee a future based on work, health and education.

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