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Gonzi playing the advocate - Joseph Muscat

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The Prime Minister is “playing the advocate” by backing Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Communications Austin Gatt, PL Leader Joseph Muscat accused during an interview on One.

Dr Muscat mentioned the pardon, explaining that the Prime Minister has more information on hand than he does. He indicated that in the past the Minister stated that he didn’t meet George Farrugia on oil procurement and Enemalta, however recent emails prove otherwise. The PL Leader has asked Dr Gonzi to clarify the entire situation, stating that first the Prime Minister refused to comment on the scandal and later chose to back Austin Gatt, thereby contradicting himself.

“People are shocked by this scandal,” Dr Muscat announced, adding that people deserve answers. It has recently come to light that the Government refused a gas pipeline twice in the past, he stated. On the subject, he mentioned that connecting energy sources in Europe was one of the fields which saw funding cut during EU discussions last week.

The Opposition Leader discussed the PN plan regarding night tariffs. He explained that the PN said that the Government do not know how much tariffs will reduce by and that the PN never said that they would not increase tariffs during the day. Dr Muscat discussed the PL’s energy plan, arguing that it will reduce tariffs across the board.

Mentioning PN’s medicine plan, Dr Muscat accused the PN of flip-flopping on the issue. He argued that the PN originally said that people would receive a refund for medicines bought privately when out of stock in Government pharmacies equal to what the Government would have paid, later the PN said that patients would not need to pay anything and recently, he accused the PN of returning to their original statement.

Concluding, he ensured that the PL will uphold its pledge for a positive campaign, however claimed that the PN have decided to run down the path of political assassination because they do not have any positive arguments and proposals. "We will not fight fire with fire".

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