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Konrad Mizzi: “Cheaper bills, cleaner air”

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Labour candidate, Konrad Mizzi has reiterated that Maltese households will see a 25% decrease in electricity bills which will come into effect a year after the elections, should the PL be elected.

Mizzi emphasised that the health problems which the south of Malta is suffering from, need to be dealt with immediately. He stated that with the closure of the Marsa power station and the reduction in usage of heavy fuel oils, this area will improve drastically.

Addressing the issue of the gas pipeline which would be built in the future, Mizzi stated that “If we wait for the pipeline to be constructed, the Maltese economy would lose €750 million.”

When asked about the price of gas which the Labour Party stated will be fixed for the next 10 years, Mizzi explained that this can be achieved through gas agreements, whereby the gas will be bought at a predetermined price over a 10 year period.

Mizzi also emphasised the point that the jobs of the Enemalta employees are not at risk, as they will still have a role in this system, and they could also agree to work for the private sector. Mizzi said that “this will in fact result in more jobs in this sector”.

He added that the issues which need to be tackled presently are the electricity bills and the health problems, where he stated that immediate results can only be obtained through the “PL proposals”.

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