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Leader of German Social Democrats congratulates PL

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Leader of the German Social Democrats Sigmar Gabriel has congratulated the new Prime Minister of Malta, Joseph Muscat, on his electoral victory, wishing him strength, skill and success in tackling the challenges that lie ahead.

Sigmar Gabriel expressed his excitement at another Social Democrat being in power in yet another member state. “I am sure that with you as the Prime Minister at the head of the Maltese Government, you will pursue successful policies in the interest of the people of your country, combining economic growth with social justice”.

The Leader of the German Social Democrats added that this electoral victory is a sign that a European political change is possible. He added that the current crisis in Europe requires social democratic answers. He added that unilateral austerity measures, as they are propagated be the conservatives and liberals in Europe, are not enough.

It is crucial that the European Social Democrats remain united  and offer common response to the crisis, Sigmar Gabriel concluded.

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