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PN – Konrad Mizzi to answer energy proposal issues

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PN is still awaiting answers from PL Konrad Mizzi on issues brought up about the energy proposals released by PL.

The PN pointed out that the PL proposal fails to include several major expenses that increase the proposal by €200 Million and according to studies carried out by KPMG the proposal will increase bills by 5%. The totals issued by PL show that the PN proposal for the gas pipeline is in fact cheaper than the PL one and Mr Mizzi has yet to bring forward any proof to the contrary, claimed PN.

PN accused Mr Mizzi that he has yet to agree on a 10 year contract for fixed price on gas and has yet to give any time frames regarding the PL proposals that are doable.

PL is trying to scare Enemalta workers, when in reality it is the PL that came up with the proposal to privatize the power station but PN assured that the Government was always clear in its proposals and aims to provide energy through the inter-connector and the Delimara Power Station.

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The same false arguments by GonziPN which were several times given answers by PL candidate Konrad Mizzi. GonziPN invented an additional sum of €200 Million and that Labour proposal will increase bills by 5%. It is the PN which embarked on a scare election campaign against Labour in the hope to decrease the 12 points that Labour is ahead of PN according to many opinion polls. It is PN Governments that privatized a great number of public entities. It is no wonder that many voters today consider PN as the Negative Party.

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