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PN – Mr Tony Zarb should be made to resign

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PN feels that the General Workers’ Union (GWU) is being dishonourable for not asking for the immediate resignation of the GWU General Secretary Tony Zarb after the declarations made by the latter.

GWU admitted that the declarations were made by Mr Zarb but it is supporting these against what the PN feels they really mean.  According to PN the statements made by Mr Zarb were that where there is exploitation, it is up to public institutions such as the Police and the Work Corporation that have to take action, not the GWU.

Moreover if someone does not do what the GWU issues, then the union will harass them through their publications, if they do the attack will stop and the GWU will help the person to get issued public contracts by the Government.

The severe declarations issued by Mr Tony Zarb, was published after the statement made by PL Anglu Farrugia regarding large sum contracts and the financial backing provided by PL.

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Look who's asking for a resignation? The PN. The most arrogant party composed of arrogant people who pretend that they were sent by the Holy Mighty to govern this country . The same Prime Minister and Ministers who refused to resign even when they lost their parlmentary majority. Do you realy know what the word means? You know who's going to resign in a short while? You Dr Gonzi,because you and your party were wiped out by the PL.

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