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PN – St Vincent de Paul a success

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According to PN, PL Deputy Leader Toni Abela tried to discredit the work done by the staff at the St Vincent de Paul Residence for older people.

The Residence caters for 1,200 people and provides work for more than 1,000 workers.

During this legislature the Government renewed the effort to revamp the wards and carry out a number of projects, among which the opening of a new block called John Paul II that caters for 144 patients suffering from dementia, together with a night shelter that functions as a respite centre and activity centre for people suffering from dementia that live in the community, asserted the PN.

Occupational Therapy services, Physiotherapy and other services are also offered together with a transport service provided by Arriva Malta.  A committee for residents and their relatives was established to allow for feedback and a football ground was inaugurated for use by residents and staff, according to a statement issued by PN.

 The Residence kitchen offers the Meals on Wheels service apart from the 2,800 meals cooked daily for the patients. 

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