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Updated: Local paper up for the challenge

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MFCC has never written off €1,000,000 in favour of the Nationalist Party the party’s Secretary General Paul Borg Olivier held in a letter he sent to the editor of a local newspaper.

Following reports in the local media, the PN Secretary General also argued that neither Zaren Vassallo nor any other company Mr Vassallo has a vested interest in had committed the sum of €350,000 towards the PN’s electoral campaign.

The PN rents out the facilities at MFCC and services from other providers to organise the Party’s events and this has always been through payment agreements or through barter agreements as is the norm applied by both parties.

Secretary General Paul Borg Olivier reserved the right to seek legal address should the story featuring fictitious alleging not be immediately repealed.

MaltaToday response:

In response to the threat of legal action, MaltaToday have urged Paul Borg Olivier to proceed as quickly as possible.

Editor of the paper Saviour Balzan said; “I have nothing to hide. I’ve got all the evidence as well as a number of witnesses ready to testify. It’s appalling that the media is being treated in this way for its independence”.

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