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Simon Busuttil concerned over PL and contractors

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Companies on good terms with the General Workers Union will benefit under a Labour Government, Nationalist Party Deputy Leader Simon Busuttil accused.

Dr Busuttil was speaking at a political activity in Zebbug, where he called for the resignation of General Workers Union (GWU) Secretary General Tony Zarb. He linked this accusation with those made by the PL ex-Deputy Leader Anglu Farrugia, expressing concern regarding the PL’s relationship with contractors.

Dr Busuttil also spoke on healthcare and explained that as long as the country’s finances are strong, will remain free. He described Mater Dei Hospital and the service it provides, adding that over the next five years the PN will tackle diabetes and continue its fight against cancer.

Head of Ophthalmology at Mater Dei Thomas Fenech addressed that the number of cataract removals skyrocketed once Mater Dei opened, adding that waiting times had also decreased.

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Facts clearly show that it is the PN that always was the party of the contractors. Even the last allegations regarding donations to the PN by a known contractors are an indication. And that is why the PN was always against the financial of the parties by the state. The Vice-Leader of the PN can contact Franco Debono about the draft of the law regarding the financial of the parties. And I am sure that F. Debono will give him the full story of the draft. Simon finances cannot be strong when your government amounted the National Debt to a record of 5.9 Billion million of euros

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