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S&P rating Muscat's fault - Lawrence Gonzi

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PN Leader Lawrence Gonzi announced that Standard and Poor’s downgrade of Malta’s long term credit rating was the Labour Party’s fault.

The PN Leader added that this “was a taste of what will happen if Muscat comes to power”. He explained that this downgrade was unexpected. He explained that he had offered the PL Leader to meet prior to the budget vote, however the offer was rejected and this had consequences. Dr Gonzi also mentioned that the PL had the option to show its lack of confidence by proposing a reduction in Ministerial salaries.

“With us you know where you are and that the country moves forward, he said”.

The PN Leader explained that S&P recognized that the government has taken steps to bring Enemalta out of debt, but still had doubts on the company’s sustainability. He argued that these doubts were related to the PL’s energy plan, which would be a waste of €600 million.

He explained that people must remember, that energy is just one important issue out of many.

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