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Updated: AD proposes abolition of hunting in Spring

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BirdLife members, led by Executive Director Steve Micklewright marched to the PL and PN headquarters in Hamrun and Pieta today to hand in questionnaires relating to hunting which Party candidates submitted.

The members were wearing masks in the form of PN Leader Lawrence Gonzi and PL Leader Joseph Muscat, with the letters RTO splashed over their mouth representing the lack of communication from both Parties regarding hunting.

A total of four PL candidates and one PN candidate replied to the questionnaire, Micklewright explained. These were Yana Bland Mintoff, Mark Sant, Anthony Bonnici and David Farrugia Sacco from the PL and John Zammit Montebello from the PN. He added that the PN had sent a statement to the NGO which read that the rules governing hunting will be enforced but at the same time people’s rights to sustainable hunting will be protected. The Executive Director added that this statement was generic and didn't answer any specific questions.

The BirdLife members stood outside the PL headquarters for fifteen minutes before the PL Communications Officer Kurt Farrugia met them and received the questionnaires. The group proceeded to march towards the PN Headquarters where they were greeted by PN candidate Karl Gouder.

Discussing the low response rate, BirdLife members argued that multiple reminders were sent to candidates so there was no excuse.

AD - Abolition of hunting in spring

In a press statement issued today, AD Chairperson Michael Briguglio, held that the fact that the majority of both Nationalist and Labour candidates refused to complete Birdlife's questionnaire is very revealing.

All AD candidates have filled in Birdlife's questionnaire, and the party has pledged its support for Birdlife’s statement, the AD Chairman held.

If elected in parliament Alternattiva Demokratika will propose the abolition of hunting in spring, full compliance with EU legislation, and increased enforcement against illegalities.


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