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Updated: FKNK – PN wants to eliminate hunting

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St Hubers Hunters President Mark Mifsud Bonnici wrote a letter to PN Deputy Leader Simon Busuttil  with regards to the “declaration by Dr. Lawrence Gonzi during yesterday’s television debate that should the need arise he would hold a referendum to abolish spring hunting.”

He pointed out that “In no short terms by not objecting to the possibility of such a referendum, Dr. Gonzi is contradicting the signed guarantees given to hunters by the PN previous leader Dr. Fenech Adami, yours as the head of MIC the EU Information Centre and that of other PN exponents. His words also render the repeated statement, namely that the PN stuck its neck out for hunters when defending the spring hunting issue at the European Courts, as being totally capricious void and senseless.”

In the letter, Mifsud Bonnici made reference to Busuttil’s statement with regards to derogation and the PN’s political mandate to apply derogations as a commitment endorsed by a referendum.

On behalf of the members, Mifsud Bonnici asked Busuttil, deputy leader of the PN to answer the following questions:

1) Is the PN intent on retracting the last remaining shreds of its promises made to hunters?
2) Is Dr. Gonzi’s declaration the PN’s official position?
3) Is the PN adopting the same policy of referendum in respect to the rights of all other minority groups?
4) Can the PN explain what need could arise to deny Maltese hunters the right to exercise derogation after a clear and irrefutable court judgment that endorses the principle and which right the PN so boastingly and vociferously defended?

FKNK Statement

In a statement, the Hunters’ Federation said that Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi wants to abolish hunting and trapping if the PN is in government.

It added that as the Prime Minister said yesterday, the PN is ready to hold a referendum to destroy this Spring tradition.

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