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Circo Viviana ORFEI - last animal circus in Malta

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Fun for all the family with a sentational show that will touch the hearts of both the young and the old.

Two hours that will transport you far away from this world and will entertain and lift your spirits.

Magic, Trapeze, Tight Rope walking, Acrobats, Jugglers and last but not least Clowns along with the artists of the circus that bring this spectacular show together.

Apart from the Tiger show we also have Horses and another show with lots of animals among which, Hippopotamus, Ponies, Ostriches, Camels, Donkeys, Zebras, Llamas, Emus and much much more that give this Circus its air of beauty.

The tradition continues as the animals provide entertainment for everyone, we invite you to come see for yourselves the beauty that nature has given us, with prices that start from 5 euros for children and 10 euros for adults.

Circo Viviana ORFEI , is a Circus well established in Italy, and for generations has kept its tradition and the respect for its animals that have been born inside the Circus and are now an integral part of their family.

The program will start as of 13th December with two shows a day, one starting at 17:30 and the next one at 19:30, while as from the 26th December onwards, there will be an added program earlier during the day at 15:30.

This is the last opportunity for our country to be witness to an Animal Circus and for this reason we are taking the opportunity to present one of the best shows in Europe.

The animals that live in this Circus have been born there and are part of the big Circus family that are kept in the same way we keep our pets at home. This family keep their animals safe, keep them healthy and show them the utmost respect and love.

Tickets can be purchased from the Circus in Gzira from 10:00h  or Geraldu Kiosk in Valletta. The premises are wheelchair accessible and parking is provided.

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