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Do I really need a hair cut?

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Mirko van de Donk

The summer is over and although it is still 26 degrees outside, our daily beach visits are over. We had our fun; we enjoyed the cooling water from the sea, pool and the fresh air from fans or air-conditioners. During these quality times women often forget the damage sea salt, chlorine, sun, wind and air-conditioners can do to their hair. As a result hair often looks dry and brittle or damaged and consequently it loses the shine that there was before the summer time.

These simple tips will not only help you to repair the damage that has been done but will also make sure that the hair will get its natural lustre back.

We start the damage control with a trim. This will ensure that all split ends are taken away which also prevents the hair from splitting any further. This is the fastest way to make your hair look instantly better.

Daily moisture; this can be done by using a leave-in moisturising treatment. This will help to repair the lack of moisture in between the shampoos. Leave-in treatments are available in spray or a crème form. Suitability of choice between these two depends on the quality of hair and hairstyle.

Shampoo; many people are using summer line shampoos for too long. These shampoos are great to wash out salts, minerals and chlorine directly after a day at the pool or beach. After the damage is done these shampoos will not be my first option. We should opt for an intense moisturising or hydrating shampoo. Ideal moisturising shampoos or hydrating shampoos are sulphate free and will clean the hair without roughening up the cuticle layer of the hair. In regular shampoos sulphate is used as a foaming agent. Shampoos which foam a lot will have a high amount of this sulphate and that can cause more damage to the cuticle layer.

Use a weekly intensive treatment. This can be done in the salon or at home. In our salon we are using a special Keratriplex complex for extremely damaged hair. This is an intensive keratin treatment which repairs months of damage in only 30 minutes. Of course it is possible to give your hair a weekly intensive treatment at home. Make the product more intensive by wrapping a warm towel around your head. The heat will open up the cuticle layer so the moisturising emoluments are able to penetrate deep into the hair. Wait until the towel cools down and the cuticle closes before doing anything to your hair.

If your hair is seriously dry, try to avoid styling products that contain alcohol as gels and hairsprays. Also adjust the temperature of your blow dryer. Metal styling tools damage summer hair even more. So always make sure you are using the best possible ceramic ionic irons. Or go with the styles that are more and more visible on the catwalks around the world like curly, wavy textures. Apart from serving as a camouflage, this could be a perfect solution, at least until you control your summer damaged hair.

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