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Your Eye Shape

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Lara Bella Vella Baldacchino

Beautiful eyes are yours for the making – it’s just a case of making the most of the eye shape you were born with.

Your eyes are the focal point of your face and some say they’re the windows of your soul, so it’s important to make the most of them. Understanding your eye shape os the first step to maximising their potential, and the second step is using make-up to enhance them.

Eye shapes can be divided into five basic types  almond, deep-set, prominent, heavy lidded and downward-slanting. To work out what yours are, check in the mirror, when you do not have any make-up on and see which shape is most like yours. Then you’ll be ready to put your make-up into practise, using liner, shadow and highlighter to enhance the shape of your eye area.

Eye facts
• Your eyeballs measure a little under 2.5cm in diameter, are shaped like slightly flattened balls and weigh about 28g.

• No two eyes are exactly alike- every person’s eyes differ very slightly in shape and colour, though you may have to look very close to see the difference.

• You blink 15-18 times a minute- that’s up to 14,400-17,280 blinks a day. Each blink lasts about a quarter of a second.

• Your pupils dilate or constrict to control the amount of light that enters your eye, but emotions makes them dilate, while anger and fear makes them constrict.

• Light-coloured eyes- blue, grey, or green- need more protection from the sun than darker eyes, so make sure you’re using good-quality sunglasses.

Almond Eyes (1st Photo)

Associated with exotic looks: These eyes are slim and elongated. Shaped like an almond, they may slant upward a little. And often have little or no crease in the eyelid, giving a great blank makeup canvas.  (famous almond eyes include Catherine Zeta Jones, Naomi Campbell.)

Eye Make-up Solutions:

Good: Outline the eyes with a very fine line of eye pencil; extend the liner in a horizontal ‘V’ at the outer corners. Use pale eye shadow in the inner eye, highlighter on the brow bone and a darker shadow across the lid, to get a crease effect. Add lots of lengthening Mascara.

Deep-set Eyes ( 2nd Photo)

Deep-set eyes are overshadowed by a prominent brow bone, so the eyelids tend to be hidden. The eyebrows appear close to the eyes, which gives them an appealing intensity. (famous deep-set eyes include Demi Moore, Sandra Bullock)

Eye Make-up Solutions:

Define the eyes with a fine line of eyeliner on the upper and lower lids, then open up the eye area with a pale-coloured shadow across the eyelid and the brow area.

Prominent Eyes (3rd Photo)

Prominent eyes are guaranteed to attract attention, their size and shape give their owner a look of a dewy-eyed innocence. Often very large, they tend to be quite round and have quite large eyelids. (Famous Prominent eyes include Drew Barrymore, Sophie Dahl.)

Eye Make-up Solutions:

Minimize the eyelids with a deep, matte shadow on the top lid and along the outer third of the bottom lid, winging it out to reduce roundness. Work a darker shade into the socket and add a fleshy highlight to the brow bone. Finish with a thick coat of mascara.

Heavy –Lidded eyes (4th photo)

Known as bedroom eyes, these eyes have large lids that seems to weigh them down. With plenty of space round the eye, this is a great shape for experimenting with colour. (Famous heavy-lidded eyes include Uma Thurman, Cher and Marilyn Monroe)

Eye Make-up Solutions:

Apply eye shadow over the upper lid, into the socket, and under the outer half of the eye, extending it in a subtle V-shape beyond the outer corner. Highlight the middle of the lid and add a light coat of mascara on the top lashes only.

Down- Slanting Eyes ( 5th Photo)

With their pretty downwards tilt at the outer corner, down-slanting eyes look sweetly appealing. They are often quite large and round and like prominent eyes, lend their owner a look of youthful innocence. (Famous down-slanting eyes include Sarak  Michelle Gellas and Nicole Kidman.)

Eye Make-up Solutions:

To counteract the downward tilt and create ‘lift’ apply a pale eye shadow across the brow bone and a deeper colour to the outer half of the lid, winging the colour out and up at the outer corner. Concentrate mascara on the upper lashes at the outer corner.

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