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Use a pair of handcuffs Use a pair of handcuffs Get an ice-cube and run it down his back Get an ice-cube and run it down his back Give him a nice massage Give him a nice massage

20 Things to Do to a Naked Man

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IGGY FENECH asks the public what they think should be done to a naked man.

The male form has aroused awe and wonder in almost every culture in history. It has been painted, sculpted, written about, fought over and censored, but what happens when this legendary figure is suddenly within your reach?

Here at DI-VE we’ve asked our readers to tell us what should be done to a nude man and here are the top 20!

1. Surprise Him. Sneak up from behind him and grab his manhood, just like he would if he were pleasuring himself. Then do the things he can't do himself – like kissing his back and whispering in his ear.

2. Join Him. Don't leave him there alone, get naked too and get ready for some fun.

3. Release Him. Bring out the animal in him by doing something non-conventional. Try having sex standing up or on the floor.

4. Reinvent Him. Turn him into a plate by eating off him.

5. Rub Him. Give him a nice massage.

6. Wash Him. Invite him into a steamy shower or a luxurious bath. You'll need to be clean before you can get dirty!

7. Disorientate Him. Blindfolding him will make him lose all control and knowledge over where the next kiss and lick will be.

8. Tie Him. Grab a pair of handcuffs or a piece of rope and make sure he's tied up well.

9. Make Him Beg. Kiss your way from his lips to his torso stopping short of his manhood. Repeat several times and enjoy the results.

10. Amplify His Desire. Get him horny, then get an ice-cube and run it down his back starting from the back of his neck all the way down his spine. The shivers will be sent straight down below.

11. Discover Him. It might be easier for men to come, but their G-spot is actually found in between the scrotum and the anus. Play with the area and blow his mind!

12. Blow him. It's a classic for a reason!

13. Flatter Him. Everyone enjoys being complimented, and those nice words go down even better when we're not wearing anything!

14. Toy With Him. Have some sex toys at hand and use them on him or let him use them on you… the choices are endless!

15. Taunt Him. Too much of anything can put you off. Taunt him by not taking off all your clothes, but rather one piece at a time.

16. Nibble Him. The ear is one of the most sensitive parts of the body, nibble on it (gently), lick it and play with it using your tongue.

17. Boss Him. Tell him what to do, when to do it and how to do it. Make sure he's in on the game though!

18. Play Rough With Him. Pinch his nipples and scratch your nails down his back.

19. Watch Him. Let him pleasure himself in front of you. The one-person audience will definitely turn him on!

20. Admire Him. There's nothing like seeing your man naked. Sit down and admire him in all his glory.

What's your favourite thing to do to a naked man? Let us know in the comments box below!

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