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Għaqda Mużikali Marija Bambina, Banda Vittorja of Naxxar - Celebrating 25 years

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This year happens to be the 25th year anniversary of the wind band within the Għaqda Mużikali Marija Bambina, Banda Vittorja of Naxxar . Thus, the committee decided to kick start the celebrations with a series of activities on Sunday 6th April, as derived:

9:00 am : Press Conference

The committee worked hard to make a whole series of activities to honour and celebrate this anniversary. A press conference will be held inside the hall George Vella in which the biggest musical activity will be uncovered.

9:30 am : Unveiling of Commemorative Plaque

During the extraordinary meeting held on Sunday 28 of July 2013, it was decided that the name of the Society must be changed, thus, a plaque with the new name will be unveiled by Society’s President Dr. Michael Farrugia MD MP.

9:45 am : Exhibition Opening

As appropriate, an exhibition showing the beautiful stride that our band made over the last 25 years was more than appropriate. This exhibition will expose various exhibits related to the history of the band. This exhibition has been taken care of by historian and supporter of the society, Mr. Mark Mangani and is being held inside the hall Toni Catania ex-president and iconic figure in the society.

10:30 am : Annual General Meeting 2014

The Annual General Meeting will be held and all members are expected to attend and contribute. If one desires to be a member in the society, one must first speak to a member from the Central Commitee.

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