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If you’ve recently toured a newly-built home, you may have noticed that a couple of things are not there any longer; multi-storey layouts for starters.   Today’s modern homes tend to reflect a...Read More >>

  • Make a Splash - 5 Must-Have Pool Party Props

    Everyone who owns a pool knows it’s their unwritten duty to invite their friends round to share in the glory of cooling off, playing some tunes and enjoying a poolside beer. Now, as we settle into the last few weeks of summer, we’ve put together 5 key ingredients to...
  • Paws 4 a Cause: 3rd Year Anniversary Celebration and Dog Walk

    Paws 4 a Cause is celebrating 3 years of success. This achievment is a result of all those who contribute towards the shop, we deeply thank you for your support.
  • HOQ/SSM Competition

    ‘Excellent, wonderful … a perfect day’ – those were the words used by the winners of the Homes of Quality Competition which was launched on the 29th of May on the HOQ Facebook page, together with Sunseeker Malta. Manuel Aquilina and Gaby Cuschieri were the lucky...
  • Why Do Dogs Look Like Their Owners?

    We are all familiar with the lighthearted old wives' tale that dogs look like their owners and vice versa. Whilst I think it is quite an amusing idea, it is one that seems also to be an impossibility - how could there be any truth behind the tale? It's not as though...
  • Earth Rocking Beats at Evenings on Campus

    What do earthquakes and music have in common? Music usually leaves us with a smile on our face and our bodies swaying to the beat. Strong earthquakes usually leave us (and buildings) swaying for a completely different reason.
  • ICE Malta Launches ‘Design My Career’ Week

    While hundreds of students enrolled for the Summer Semester 2013 are enjoying the unique ICE Malta Study Experience, the ICE Malta team has been working round the clock to finalize the institute’s marketing campaign for the 2013/2014 scholastic year.
  • 5 Steps to Choosing Your Master’s Degree

    How do you choose your master’s degree? And is it worth doing one? IGGY FENECH shares the knowledge.
  • Majjistral Park Lecture on Marine Turtles

    Nature Trust (Malta) President Vince Attard will be delivering this lecture about marine turtles and the rescue and rehabilitation process which takes place every year especially around summer time.
  • New Snowball Category Promotion in Bingo 75 Game

    MALTCO LOTTERIES Ltd. has just launched another promotion on the Bingo 75 game. The Snowball category can now be won by the 50th number instead of by the 48th number. Through this promotion, players are now being given an even better opportunity to win the Snowball.
  • Blogging Basics: What you need to know about starting your own blog

    Creating your own blog is a great way to express yourself, build a network of people who respect you for your ideas and to share information. MELANIE VELLA shows you 5 tips to kick-start you into the blogosphere and help you avoid some of the growing pains of writing...