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An Invitation for the Anici Band to Play at St George Martyr’s Feast in Modica, Sicily

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After the success our Anici Band had last year, when it was invited to perform at the procession of St George Martyr’s feast in Ragusa Ibla, province of Sicily, it has been reinvited this year, but this time to play at the procession of St George’s feast that’ll leave Modica’s cathedral. Our Band will render services for three consecutive days, and its adventures will begin on 26th April at 5am on a voyage by the Virtù  Ferries Catamaran to Pozzallo harbour. This will be the fifth trip for the Anici Band in different places outside Malta, in its 26 years of existence. One may notice that all the tours the Band effected related to St George’s feasts  except for one, i.e. that on 1st September 1988 in Libya. But this time, the Band will be accompanied by an amiable  number of sympathisers. Hence our Band will be Malta’s ambassador for the second consecutive year and it will endeavour to effect its responsibility which will surely fulfil it with flying colours. The musical exposition of our Band in Sicily this year will take place during Sunday 27th April, ’14, the feast day proper, along the streets of Modica when the Band will be playing at the procession. This will surely be another experience which will be inscribed with golden letters in the history of our Society. Our Band commission worked hard so that the Anici Band will be the first Maltese band to participate in the popular feasts of St George Martyr in Ragusa Ibla in 2013 and this year in Modica, both in Sicily. On the other hand, this could happen owing to the organizing committee of Modica that discerned our Band’s capabilities when it played in Ragusa. This will surely be another experience for Maltese musicians especially  young ones. Our expectations will surely succeed and we’ll surely display the proficiency of the Maltese Bands and our Maltese culture, while on the other hand we are ready to appreciate the Sicilian culture. In fact, parallel with this performance, there will be cultural visits to interesting places. Our contingent will return to Malta  late evening of Monday 28th April. The success of this enterprise could be assured through the adroit help of our cultural Minister. Besides, our unequivocal thanksgo  to Joseph Micallef Tourist Agency for its magnanimous cooperation

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