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Waxing: for a quick, smooth and easy finish Waxing: for a quick, smooth and easy finish Do men go through the same preparation as us? Do men go through the same preparation as us? Vajazzling: extremely popular in the UK Vajazzling: extremely popular in the UK

Is it worth it...?

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Lisa Farrugia

The nerves are kicking in, butterflies doing the loop de loop in your stomach, excitement of how the night is going to pan out ... it’s here again. Mr. Cupid pulls at those heart strings and before you know it its Valentine’s Day.

But it’s not easy is it?

It’s waiting to see what Mr. Wonderful is going to pull out the bag this year. It could be a romantic evening in, a meal for two, a gift to make you weep (do they exist?), or even the most popular, that little box appearing from nowhere. Realistically it could be anything but the one thing that we are assured of, we have to look our best both on the outside of our clothes and also on the inside, I’m sure you are getting my drift girls!

So we pop down to the salons and concentrate on getting our hair to shine like glass, our nails to sparkle with the red polish applied to our hands and feet. Sultry make up to make us look sexy and enhance those take me to bed eyes. And it’s not just that, is it? We still have to work out how to de-fuzz every part of our body so there is not any sign of stubble or the occasional stray hair poking out from anywhere.

So it’s true, no pain no gain and waxing is the way to go for a quick, smooth and easy finish.  To make our men think we are always silky and hair free.

Legs check, underarms check, facial hair check, and any other part of our bodies we have unsightly cover check. BUT now we come to the most important decision, our down belows, bikini lines, love buds, flowers, honey pot the list goes on as to what we call it. But how we trim and plan is a tough call and also a very personal one.

Guys may want a pubic area that is sculpted out of gold and smoothness with pulsating beams of light, but the truth is in the heat of the moment, you could be rocking the full king kong look and they wouldn’t worry that you are not waxed like a shiny apple. So let’s start by feeling comfortable in ourselves and realising what we want.

So what are our options...?

The Basic Bikini line

This is tidying up any hairs that could be seen on the outside of our swimsuits. Come on, we try to ignore the ladies we see on the beach with a growth running from their bikinis to their knees, but it’s like a magnet we can’t stop looking can we?


This is hair removal on either sides and underneath but leaving a landing strip in the middle. Basically it looks like you have been neatly clipped like a grass lawn. You may have to trim the length down a bit though.


Everything goes, this includes butt wax, underneath, sides, insides and out. In fact you won’t look like a plucked chicken more like a breast of chicken!


Nowadays anything goes. Hearts, triangles, the sky the limit and choices are endless. But when we finally have the finish we want, how can we make them look more enticing for our men? Bling them up with jewels!

Lets Vajazzle our private areas with Swarovski crystals. No I am not joking; Vajazzling is actually now defined in the dictionary as...adorn the pubic area (of a woman) with crystals, glitter, or other decoration.

Extremely popular in the UK and spreading over Europe like a virus, vajazzling is something that can be done at home by sticking readymade transfers and hoping they will stay put, (obviously depending on various circumstances). But the best way is to get a professional to apply them to guarantee them lasting up to two days. Different designs, patterns and colours make this service an extra something to think about.

The one thing though that we have to mention is, do we really think men go through the same worry and preparation as us? What shape or kind of waxing would we recommend for them? Shall we get them to stick jewels all over their private areas for us? My answer is why not let them suffer for a change, I’m sure we would appreciate it a whole lot more.

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