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Libertà - An original passion play in Mosta

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Libertà  is an original theatrical production that portrays the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ that the community youth group IGNITE 18+ is organising at the Sacred Heart Oratory of Mosta. There will be three presentations in all, the first one on Saturday 12 April at 6:30pm and the other two on Sunday 13 April at 2:30pm and 6:30pm.

The drama production has a novel script by Edwin Vassallo, while Mario Mifsud and Marvic Camilleri are responsible for its artistic direction. This is the thirtieth consecutive passion play that the Mosta youths have been presenting during the Lent period.

This year’s production incorporates the efforts of more than fifty persons, many of whom are still young in age, while others have acquired extensive theatrical experience over the years and now they feature prominently in TV drama on local television stations. The scope of these lent pageants in Mosta is not restrained to the spectacular features that we usually associate with similar drama productions but, more importantly, they pay particular attention to provide the audience with an exercise of reflection. A mental train of thought that contemplates the reality of faith in one’s life.

Libertà  is a theatrical experience that moves faithfully with both evangelical sources and real life situations that characterise our times. It is an event that can be enjoyed by all the family since it does not only offer spectacular scenery, costumes and theatrical effects, but it yields a spiritual experience that assesses one’s love relationship with God. 

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