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Lead singer Jodi Heckenlaible

Local Band MoJo Release Debut Single

Article By:
Eric Montfort

Local band MoJo have been around since last Autumn and have just released their debut single Shut Within.

The song is typical of the kind of blues rock music they have been projecting lately. The song is a nice rock ballad that places emphasis on lead singer Jodi Heckenlaible’s vocals , and as expected, the guitar arrangements.  The song not only marks the band’s love for blues-rock but it also shows various other influences, mainly 1990s rock and power ballads.

Apart from Jodi Heckenlaible, MoJo comprise Ian Zerafa: (rhythm guitar/ vocals),  Ryan Magro: (lead guitar/ vocals),  Dean Montanaro:(bass),  Jonathan Callus: (drummer).

Expect more gigs from this band throughout this year. Watch this space...

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