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Maltese Government buys Antonio Sciortino’s ‘Speed’ sculpture for the Maltese and Gozitan public to enjoy

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The Maltese Government through the National Agency for Heritage Malta has made an important acquisition when it purchased, for the National Collection, Antonio Sciortino’s sculpture 'Speed​​' for the price of € 163,000 at a public auction.

This sculpture is one of the most important works created by Antonio Sciortino when he was director of the British Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. Sciortino had a phase called ‘Futurista’, where his subject was horses and this particular work was described as a strong power surge that no obstacle can stop, and that leaves behind a force in the opposite direction.

At the National Museum of Art, which has now began preparations to become MUŻA - the innovative art museum at the Auberge of Italy, one could admire this plaster model that Antonio Sciortino himself left the state. This model along with other works had been brought from Rome after the Second World War where Sciortino left them, and donated them to the National Collection in 1947. Through this acquisition, now the Museum has the original sculpture.

The Minister for Justice, Culture and Local Government, Owen Bonnici said that he is very pleased with this acquisition and described it as a wonderful gift that could be given to the Maltese people, especially in the context of important national anniversaries, which are to be commemorated this year. "It is a great satisfaction that will leave such an important work of art to be enjoyed by future generations.”

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