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Indemonjati u Maltin Ohra Indemonjati u Maltin Ohra Some of the cast of In Nisa Maltin Jafu Kif Some of the cast of In Nisa Maltin Jafu Kif

Maltese theatre is on the rebound

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The Manoel Theatre and Mario Philip Azzopardi have joined forces to present the first STAGUN TAT TEATRU MALTI.  On February 22, 23 and 24, Albert Marshall’s L’INDEMONJATI U MALTIN OHRA will be presented at our National Theatre to be followed by Clare Azzopardi’s IN NISA MALTIN JAFU KIF on the 22nd 23rd and 24th of March.

These brand new, original Maltese plays have been developed by FUNDAZZJONI AVVENTURA with a grant from the MALTA ARTS FUND. The two writers were commissioned to write these plays over a period of ten months, during which the scripts underwent a gruelling process of analysis by professionals in the field. This included several live readings on the stage by  established actors, prompting several drafts, rethinks and restructures. This process of workshopping offered the playwrights an opportunity to test their work before settling on a final draft.

Traditionally, Maltese playwrights did not have the opportunity to test their work in this manner and thanks to the Arts fund, this experiment gave birth to two electrifying brand new Maltese works aimed at the Maltese audience by addressing their lives and bringing in focus the quintessentially Maltese experience. This promises to be theatre at its best, professionally developed, painstakingly matured and artistically crafted to the highest of international standards. And it’s ours, it’s about us and exclusively for us.

The STAGUN TAT TEATRU MALTI will strive to present the highest quality theatre possible.  Mario Philip Azzopardi, whose last two Maltese plays SULARI FUQ STRADA STRETTA  and XBIHAT TA XI WHUD LI HUMA KATTOLICI  sold out at the Manoel theatre, said “L-istaġun will become synonymous to the best Maltese  theatrical experiences available on the island. This will hopefully become a yearly affair finally breaking the shameful lack of original Maltese theatre in our country. We hope to produce three new plays a year. These  will not be reproductions of imported world theatre. This is aimed right at us, offering  great entertainment and the option for a memorable night out.”

INDEMONJATI U MALTIN OHRA which is in rehearsal, is, according to Albert Marshall, “dramm dokubuffu” (escapes translation) dealing with Malta’s recent debacle with the Franco Debono affair. No it is not as much about Franco Debono as it is about how Malta reacted to this political phenomenon that has, whether we like it or not, etched itself in the historical annals of our Nation…while at the same time, taking the mickey out of our political system,  and party shenanigans, underlining intrinsic Maltese foibles and hilarious idiosyncrasies. Marshall’s scathing look at our “Pulitka” cuts through political allegiances to force us to take a deep hard look at ourselves, inviting us to, if we are honest enough, have a good laugh at ourselves.  Starring in the main roles are Sean Buhagiar, Mario Micalleff, Jane Marshall and supported by the best talent Malta has to offer. Albert Marshall directs his own work.

What does it mean to be a Maltese woman in 2013? What is the stereotypical Maltese Male’s stunted and delusional view of themselves? What happens when six Maltese women, meet in secret in an abandoned chapel in the middle of nowhere and concoct a terrifying  plan to take matters into their own hands? What happens next when things go according to plan and blood is shed…or is it?  Clare Azzopardi”s IN NISA MALTIN JAFU KIF, under the direction of Marcelle Theuma Is a theatrical experience the likes of which has never been seen on a Maltese stage. And this is not just hype people.

NISA is modern theatre at its most raw savage hilarious shocking level. “Clare has written a play without any “holdbacks”, free from any traditional Maltese theatre restraints to explore, demystify and turn age old patriarchal concepts on their head and kick them into the dustbin of traditional insanity”, enthuses Mario Philip. “Getting there has been very time consuming and emotionally exhausting for her.”  With this script, Clare establishes herself a one of our leading theatrical star playwrights."

A simple word of warning though. This is not for the squeamish. NISA is highly entertaining and treats the audience as thinking mature adults, ready to explore the fictional systematic destruction of Maltese traditional values concerning, marriage, family, sex (perverted and/or otherwise) and religion. And with subjects like these, one is guaranteed a night to remember. IN NISA MALTIN JAFU KIF will be presented at the Manoel Theatre on March 22nd, 23rd and 24th of March under the direction of Marcelle Theuma.

Booking is open for both plays.

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