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Mystical, beautiful and fascinating Nepal Mystical, beautiful and fascinating Nepal Berlin is fascinating Berlin is fascinating The Grand Canyon: So big that it has different climatic regions The Grand Canyon: So big that it has different climatic regions Edinburgh is almost perfect Edinburgh is almost perfect

My Favourite Destination

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For some it’s a bustling city, for others, a remote spot in the countryside, a secluded beach, a colourful souk or an action-packed adventure destination. Wherever it may be, isn’t it wonderful when you visit a place for the first time and think ‘wow, I could happily live here!’?

DI-VE speaks to a number of travellers to find out which their favourite travel destination is, and also to poach some ideas for our own next holiday.

I know it’s boring, but I love London. I can’t help going back every year for at least a long weekend. I need my fix of shops, museums, theatres and just the general buzz of the city. If you took away the constant annoying drizzle – I’d move there right now. Amanda, 29

I like European cities but I’d be hard-pressed to choose one. Rome is romantic, Paris is fabulous, Berlin is fascinating, Bruges is beautiful, Barcelona is fun, Prague is stunning and Edinburgh is almost perfect. I’m not so keen on London or Amsterdam, but that’s probably because they’re over-run by Maltese people on holiday! Next on my to-visit list are Istanbul, Lisbon, Budapest and Copenhagen. I can’t wait to add them to my list of Favourite European Cities. Carl, 32

It has to be Nepal. It’s mystical, beautiful and fascinating. Trekking through the mountains was the highlight of my life. It was dangerous and exhilarating all at once. The place is awe-inspiring and I’m saving to go back. Rob, 26

Oh the Grand Canyon – it’s a no brainer. You can’t imagine how big it is. It is so big that the river at the bottom of the canyon looks like a stream when viewed from the top - but when you climb down you realise that it’s actually a roaring river. It’s so big that it has different climatic regions at the top and bottom. When I went, it was snowing at the top and 72 deg F at the bottom. It takes the best part of a day to travel down to the bottom. I travelled on a mule and it was great fun. What makes it amazing is that the scale is so large that it blows your mind. The colours are gorgeous – it is nature’s version of opera. It’s called grand for a reason! Chris, 50

Disneyland in Florida! It’s magical, it’s wonderful, it’s everything they say and more. I know it’s for kids but I couldn’t help becoming a kid myself. I fell in love with Mickey Mouse and his parades and had shrieked with delight on the rides. I was amazed at how perfect and seamless the organisation is. I can’t wait to have kids so I’ll take them there (it will only be an excuse to get back there myself!) Kristine, 24

I love Venice. I love the fact that it’s compact and there are no cars. Everything has to be done at the pace of a walk. It slows you down and calms you down. I love the way every nook and cranny is transformed into a useful space – because there IS so little space. I will never forget the entrance to one hotel I stayed at – the alley that led to it was, I swear, no more than six inches wide! Well that’s what it felt like! I have no idea how they got the furniture into the hotel – they probably had to remove the roof and airlift it in haha! It’s romantic in summer and desolate in winter - I could travel there at the drop of a hat. And I do. Robyn, 45

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