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The New Hybrid is in Town...

Article By:
Lisa Farrugia

In her latest beauty article, Lisa Farrugia talks about how to get those perfectly groomed nails with a new hybrid polish

New on the market, fantastic staying power and not harmful to your natural nail. No more chipping nail polish, no more manicures that only last 2 days and the best of all no more smudging.

What am I talking about I hear you say? Well they have been around for approximately a year and a half and yet still not completely known in the world of nails as to exactly what they are and their advantages. There are many names that suggest the same thing, long lasting polish, gel colour, the two week manicure, etc. But what exactly is it and are they as good as they say they are?

How many times have you been for a manicure or a quick file and polish and then sat around for twenty minutes moving your hands around like a maniac trying to dry the colour? Then finally giving your hand a sweep past the nail technician saying “am I dry yet?” She looks at you puts her finger on the freshly painted nail and says “mm you’re touch dry but still be careful, shall I get your purse out for you? Do you need your car keys from your bag?” So you manage to leave the salon with your nails intact yet you still walk down the road looking like a creature from outer space with your fingers splayed out and your hands still waving around like a looney. You reach the car, the keys are out, you open the door and you are in, still no dents or smudges, this is going well. Keys in the ignition, hands spread over the wheel, and then you see it, OMG, it can’t be, there is a finger print in the polish! How on earth did it get there? You have been so good taking your time not touching a thing and yet...wait, that idiot nail technician “yes you’re touch dry” urrrrgh touch dry, I’ll give her touch dry!

Now I say this partly in jest as working on the other side we are sometimes to blame but come on ladies, how often in reality does this happen? The normal story is “Ok Mrs. Smith if you can just wait a few minutes till your polish dries I will help you if you need anything out of your bag.” Do you listen? NO! Its either constant moving of the hands to a point where you hit something and dent the polish, or acting that you are so delicately trying to get your hankie out of your miniscule handbag, or suddenly you have an urge that can’t wait of running to the bathroom.

Let’s be honest its happened and it will continue happening until we switch to something else or have an extra two hours in our lives to sit and wait without movement and with lots of patience.

So in comes the amazing new hybrid polish. It has the benefits of all that a normal manicure can offer, like colours and french polish. But it also has the advantages of a gel, the staying power, the glass-like shine, and the instant dryness. YIPPEE! So what is it and how does it work...

- A manicure is made to prepare cuticle area and shape of nail.
- Base coat is applied
- Two coats of colour
- Top coat

And VOILA, finished. After each layer the polish is set under UV lamps like gel.

So why does it not harm your nail I hear you ask. Normally gel is filed off and that can put your natural nail under stress. Depending on the make of the polish used and the quality, it is removed with pure acetone and within ten minutes your nails are back to normal.

However do be aware of cheaper brands used as they will in fact harm your nail and also do not let your nail technician come anywhere near you with a file or a drill. This is not needed as when the acetone is applied, the polish starts to lift and make tunnels to which the product travels down and easily lifts the colour away.

So which brand do we look for and does it really matter?

CND Shellac is the biggest and most reliable and has a system offering a great variety of tones and colours. OPI, Gellish, Peggy Sage, Jessica etc. are all jumping on the band wagon with their own versions. As long as your nail technician is professional and uses the products exactly how they should, your manicures should last at least two weeks and be a joy to have.

So in fact it is a huge business that is replacing the everyday manicure for a modern day alternative. Price wise be ready to pay an average of €25 - €35.

Is it worth it?

Imagine having a perfect colour or french polish without peeling or chipping for two weeks...of course it’s worth it, we can always look perfectly groomed and keep our nails intact at the same time.

Check out the video and see for yourselves.

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