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Online DO-ting

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Years ago, when online dating first surfaced, there was some hesitation to sign up. Finding a partner on the internet was considered something for an older generation, the ones giving it one last shot before they had to admit defeat, buy a pet and give it a human's name.

Times have definitely changed. Not only do we use online tools to find jobs, houses and those 'must have' €200 shoes for €2.50 (with holes in them), we now use them to advertise ourselves and our daily lives. Facebook helps us to find friends; Twitter helps us to be heard; Instagram helps us to take a really arty picture of the brunch we're about to eat. Online dating sites help us to take control of an area of our lives that really matters. No longer is there a big question mark over it; online dating is definitely a do. Getting it right however is another matter entirely.

Writing a profile that's laidback-yet-interesting, but modest-yet-attractive is no easy feat, which is made even more difficult by the fact that we all know what the underlying message is: I don't want to be single anymore, will you love me?

Don't try to be too funny and modest as it never reads as well as we'd like (I should perhaps take my own advice when writing these articles). Downplaying great qualities is pointless. We're fabulous and everyone needs to know!

Do employ friends to help write your profile. There will be great attributes that we are completely oblivious too. Friends help us to pick out the right ones. I would recommend asking your friends in relationships to do this. The single leading the single could result in:

You: “What should I write for my perfect first date Jennifer?”

Her: “Put ‘marriage’.”

You: “Isn’t that a bit pushy?”

Her: “We're all tired of playing games Cat, put marriage.”

Once you’re all signed up and ready, do be open to meeting as many people as possible. That tip only stands until you see some warning signs, though. An introductory message from someone who says 'are you willing to be submissive?' or 'I want to lick your feet' is a more-than forgivable reason to think twice before engaging in internet flirting, unless you’re in to that stuff of course.

Finally, let’s not stipulate too carefully what we’re looking for in a partner. A message that specifies every single quality, pay bracket and interest would scare anyone off. Demanding a tall, dark handsome man, with green eyes and straight teeth, earning €100,000 a year, but still with the time to do odd jobs around the house, attend life-drawing classes with you and share your keen interest in foreign films (particularly the French New Wave Movement of the 1950s) is a tad unrealistic.

It also shuts off so many great people, including ones that tick off almost all of our demands but fail at the last hurdle due to their preference for German New Wave films circa the 1970s.

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Since we're on the subject, thought I'd share. This is the first online dating portal in Malta! Quite cool :)

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