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Gemma Schembri from Lincolnshire, UK, revealed her abuse ordeal after being raped by her father Mark when she was only 12 years old, the Daily Mail reported. The young woman, who is now 21, spoke...Read More >>

  • The fairest of them all

    The way babies are made is simple enough. When we were young we learnt it all through the birds and the bees or the internet with a little help from our friends. However, now that baby is here,  you are anxiously awaiting the delivery or frantically rearing a baby up...
  • Parenting skills courses starting soon

    Aġenzija Sedqa’s Prevention Services will be again organising Parenting Skills courses in the coming weeks. This initiative includes a course for parents and/or carers of children up to ten years and another course aimed at parents and/or carers of young people aged...
  • Science is Fun at the Science in the City Festival

    Science will come alive for children at this year’s Science in the City festival on Friday 27th September. Palazzo Parisio in Merchant Street, as well as other venues and streets in Valletta will be jam packed with science experiments, live shows and fun activities for...
  • Children Cinema Day

    It is that time of the year again when kids will be looking forward to another edition of the Children Cinema Day, scheduled to be held on Saturday 7 September.
  • World Children’s Picture Contest 2013

    The IE-NO-HIKARI Association in Japan is currently organising the 21st Annual World Children’s Picture Contest. This contest has been orgainsed since 1993 with the aim of creating friendship among children all over the world as well as to assist in the development of...
  • The Advantages of Breastfeeding

    While no mum should feel pressurised into breastfeeding if it isn’t the right choice for her, there are many advantages to be considered. Here DI-VE takes a look at why breast can be best for both mother and baby.
  • To Sign or not to Sign?

    Does the use of baby signing disrupt a child’s natural occurring speech development? 
  • Is the News Scaring your Children?

    Certain stories in the news raise disturbing issues, so how should you discuss then with your kids? IGGY FENECH reports. I’ve personally never been a big fan of the news, but the older I get the more I realise how important it is to be up-to-date with what’s happening...
  • Kids on the Coast

    On Monday 22nd July, Nature Trust (Malta) Wildlife Rescue Team will be organising a 2 hour activity until just after sunset for children aged 7+. The fun kicks off at 6.30pm at Majjistral Park. Golden Bay and parents are welcome to stay on for the activity. Children...
  • Your Little One’s First Sport

    Gymnastics, rugby, judo – with their boundless energy and enthusiasm to learn, all kids can benefit when encouraged to explore sports from a young age. So how do you help them pick what’s right for them? MELANIE VELLA gives some guidelines. No matter what field they...