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Participation of Anici Band in the Procession at the Feast of St George Martyr in Modica, Province of Sicily -- 2014.

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The long awaited adventure of our Anici Band in Sicily came and went but its memories will never be forgotten.The event began on Saturday 26th April ’14 when a contingent of more than a hundred persons left Malta at 4.55am towards Pozzallo by the Katamaran Jean de la Valette. On Saturday itself, we left Catania for Caltagirone where the contingent had the opportunity to visit interesting places and where rain was not failing.Our voyage found us back to the four star hotel at the centre of Ragusa Ibla. Sunday, 27th April then was the central day of our visit. In the morning we visited an animal centre and a cheese production unit. After a short halt in an establishment, we returned back to our hotel for lunch. At about 3pm our musicians together with followers left for Modica, where it took us about half an hour to arrive.

Here our dream began to come true especially when we met the local partisans that were already present to acclaim us. At about 3.40 pm, we bagan to play our marches accompanied by our participants and by those from Modica, when the Maltese ensign and that of our Society together with that we ragaled to the Modican partisans began to flutter in the fresh evening breeze. We ended our musical part in front of the Cathedral when photos began to flush at us. The leaders of the Anici Musical Society together with our contingent were present at the festive Mass, after which exchange of ensigns took place followed by a heartfelt homage to the statue of St George. At about 5.30pm the procession proceeded with the statue of St George Martyr which thousands followed while the Anici Band played the popular hymn: ‘Fjur tal-Martri’. At that moment every heart, hailing from our dear town of Qormi, felt a ray of joy assailing it. The band continued to play in front of the statue of St George. Sicilian television stations were even present and transmitting live the procession, during which our Band was frequently applauded. We heard various congratulations for our last year’s program people were please to enjoy in Ragusa Ibla. But even this time, we heard the shout:

‘Anici, Malta...Anici, Malta’ which gave us great satisfaction and which showed that our fifth dream out of Malta’s shores was fulfilled. Even this time our Band served as Malta’s ambassador, when even Qormi’s name was frequently mentioned. On Monday morning 28th April after breakfast, our contingent boarded the coaches and visited various cultural centres such as Chiaramonte and Noto. At about 7.40 pm, we began our return to Malta and at about 9.40pm, we entered Malta’s harbour. So ended our memorable visit that will be surely written in golden letters in the glorious history of our Society. Thanks to the bandists and followers, thanks to the Minister for Culture that helped us in not a small way. Another thanks must go to Micallef Joe Travel Agency for its cooperation.

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