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Piggy bank coin processing starts

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The elaborate process through which all coins collected through the l-Istrina BOV Piggy Bank Campaign are processed was witnessed by the President of Malta, George Abela, accompanied by BOV CEO, Charles Borg.

Dr Abela paid a visit to the bank’s Head Office in Santa Venera where a group of BOV employees and l-Istrina volunteers go through the process of sorting the hundreds of thousands of coins collected from schools and retail outlets during the L-Istrina BOV Piggy Bank Campaign.

“This is a critical process that enables the Bank to present the donation during the live broadcast of L-Istrina,” said the BOV CEO, whilst the coin counting machines clinked in the background. “This is the 10th consecutive year that the Bank is collaborating with the Malta Community Chest Fund in organising the l-Istrina BOV Piggy Bank Campaign and once again, the Bank will add a sizeable donation to the money collected to go towards the overall l-Istrina effort.”

“This event opens a window on the incredible effort and dedication put by hundreds in the lead up towards the L-Istrina broadcast,” said The President. “It is heart-warming to watch BOV employees and volunteers from the Malta Community Chest Fund working closely together, making such a daunting process of counting all these coins seem simple.” He also took the opportunity to thank the Armed Forces of Malta, Deloitte and the Girl Guides for their invaluable input in this process.

The Piggy Bank Campaign goes beyond a donation towards l-Istrina. It delivers two strong messages to the younger generation - the importance of cultivating a culture for saving and of being altruistic, two important lessons that should serve them well in the future.

The L-Istrina BOV Piggy Bank Campaign sees over 5,000 piggy banks distributed across all schools in Malta and Gozo and a number of retail outlets. All funds collected through this campaign are sorted and counted, and the final sum together with a donation by Bank of Valletta is presented to the President during the live broadcast of l-Istrina being held at the Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta on the 26th December 2013.

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